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Who We Are?

Ecolunchware is a small venture which was created out of a passion for nature and the environment. Our aim is to help reduce the impact of harmful materials polluting the earth and oceans.
We started with reusable coffee cups as we were aware of how many single use we alone were using every week and although at first it was hard we have managed to change our habits. We now aim to start adding more environmentally sound products to reduce general plastic use and single use products in general.

What We Offer?

We offer an alternative to plastic and other harmful materials used in everyday life by having products made from rice husk, wheat straw or other more sustainable materials. Rice husk is an agricultural waste by-product which instead of causing more pollution by burning and releasing harmful substances in the air is instead utilised to make a natural product. The products are durable and can be reused for years but when eventually it completes its life cycle and ends up somewhere on the planet it is easily biodegraded. The material will biodegrade anywhere from 9 months to 3 years depending on the conditions. There are no unnatural dyes, colourants or chemicals in our products.

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Our Mission

We aim to enable people to become more eco friendly in their daily living. Our goal is to reduce waste and to help prevent the damage caused to the environment from plastics and other harmful substances used in our daily life. We do this by offering alternatives to plastic which are also durable and user friendly.

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Our Product Features

BPA Free

Food Contact Safe


Dishwasher Safe

Natural Fibre rice husks



-30°C to 120°C

Microwave Oven safe

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