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What is Ecolunchware?

Ecolunchware was created by Matt Vincent and Emma Swain in 2017. We set Ecolunchware up after realising how easily we have been part of the problem with damaging our environment in the products we use in our daily living. We had been making an effort by using reusable coffee cups but realised that although this was much better than single use the materials were generally non biodegradable and therefore would eventually end up in landfill or in the ocean as the recycling was difficult at the end of its lifecycle. We came across rice husk and wheat straw as materials and have loved that they are not only durable but biodegrade so have since sought to get these material more widely used. We aim to source more products which are normally made from plastic but can be made using more sustainable materials. Alongside this we are looking to encourage people to avoid single use products so will be adding other products too.

How can we make the world a better place?

We all need to use less damaging products in our daily life, from single use coffee cups to plastic bags. Billions of tonnes of waste is polluting our earth so the more we can use sustainable or biodegradable products the less harm we cause.

We would like to see habits change and everyone feeling that they can do there part without having to make too much effort.


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