I have used the same eco cup since November 4th 2017. I tend to have at least 1 coffee per day on average so at time of writing i have potentially drank about 250 cups of coffee! Its good to know that i have therefore saved 250 single use cups going to landfill or the recycling centers. Most cafes i go to offer me a discount to bring my own cup anywhere from 15p to 50p off each time. The average i would think is 25p off so pleased to say i have saved about £62 so far on my coffee bill in 8 months. The thing i’m most pleased about is that i’ve managed to do this without any problem as this has now become a habit to take the cup with me. I’m looking for new habits now to continue my eco journey so now ensure i also bring my water bottle with me, so far this has been since april 2018 so will post back in a few months to see how many plastic bottles i’ve managed to avoid. Good luck to you all on your eco journeys 🙂